Q. What are the system requirements for PHP Express Checkout Wizard?
A. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP).  Apache for Windows and IIS should also work.  Additionally, the server requires an ionCube loader (included) to be installed or dynamically loaded.

Q. How many products can I manage?
A. You can manage one product per database using the web control panel included. Please purchase multiple licenses to support multiple products.

Q. My server doesn't have cURL installed. Can I still use your product?
A. Yes, our software uses proprietary technology to bypass the need for cURL. Therefore, cURL or any derivatives do not need to be installed on your server.

Q. Are communications with PayPal's servers secure?
A. Yes, all communication with PayPal's servers is done in accordance with their requirements. No unauthorized data is ever captured or used (eg. no credit card or financial data). All financial transactions are handled on PayPal's secure servers, lessening the liability of the software developer or ISV.

Q. What pages can I customize?
A. We include a couple of pages that can be customized per your requirements: upgrade.php (allows user registration), checkout.php (the actual product checkout page) and receipt.php (the order confirmation page). Users can also be directed to download your software from the order confirmation page. All variables, including receipt number, can be set via the web-based control panel.

Q. What variables can I control using your software?
A. Our web-based control panel allows you to define the product name, price, license quantity, shipping fee, sales tax, coupon and discount code. Likewise, you can use the PayPal component to select a desired currency, shipping address, define a logo, define the IPN URL, define a download URL, set border and page colors and set invoice numbers. All variables are documented in the included user guide.

Q. Can I refund PayPal transactions using your software?
A. Our software has the ability to refund PayPal transactions, but it will be implemented in a future version. Developers can currently sign into their PayPal account and manually refund orders. All updates and upgrades will be free-of-charge to paid users for the first year.

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